How covid-19 would affect evolution of human beings?

It is currently unknown how COVID-19 will specifically affect the evolution of human beings. However, pandemics and outbreaks have had an impact on human populations throughout history, and it is likely that COVID-19 will also have some impact on human populations in the future.

One way that pandemics can affect human evolution is through natural selection. For example, if a certain genetic variant confers resistance to a virus, then individuals with that variant may be more likely to survive and pass on that variant to their offspring. This can lead to an increased frequency of that variant in the population over time.

Another way that pandemics can affect human evolution is through population dynamics. Pandemics can cause a significant reduction in the population size, which can have an impact on the genetic diversity of the surviving population. This can also lead to an increased frequency of certain genetic variants in the population.

It’s important to keep in mind that evolution is a slow process, and the effects of COVID-19 on human evolution may not be visible for many years or even decades. Additionally, other factors such as human migration, cultural changes, and medical advances can also play a role in shaping human populations.

It’s also important to note that it’s too soon to know what the long term effects of the pandemic would be on human evolution as we currently still in the middle of it and more research and data needs to be collected over time.

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